Keeping Your Messages Connected

One of the more difficult things to do in communications is to connect everything – integrated marketing communications (IMC). It looks good on a PowerPoint slide, but implementing it can be filled with obstacles. Add to our workload all things real time and digital and the task becomes even greater. Here are some thoughts on how to keep your teams and your channels of communication working well together.

How are you keeping your messages connected?

Keep it Simple. Not your messages (more on that later), but your processes. How do you manage news distribution to all of your channels? What about white papers and research? Do you actively share information internally — an how — or are your teams finding it difficult to know what to distribute? If you have not created a cross-functional team I would suggest you look at how to develop one as a goal (and don’t forget about working with IT).

The Images You Choose Reflect Your Brand. The images you choose for your website, printed materials, blog posts and social channels are important. Please don’t leave the decisions for choosing them to an intern or junior staff member. Remember, you are not the only one posting links from your website and materials online around the Internet — your partners, customers and other stakeholders are as well. Take a serious look at the images you use and where you source them from in order to make them align with your brand.

Leverage What Exists. If you are not posting news stories and information from your website daily you need to change your habits. Consistency today matters and daily reminders of your news, events, research and more sent out via social media can make an impact.

Speak with a Voice. Your messaging matters and you invest a lot of time to keep your spokespeople up to date. Because of this, you’ve had a good group of spokespeople for years and they all stay on message. But what about your digital team? What about your employees? In order to ensure your digital team is in line with your overall enterprise you should consider training them. IN addition, having a clear set of guidelines on how to speak as the company and for the company are important. Write them down. Finally, make sure you are working with compliance and employees are very clear what they can and cannot do in social media.

Don’t Forget Employees. Simply communicating to employees is not enough. Remember, employees will also see your advertisements, social posts, website and news stories about you. This group of stakeholders can be your most passionate group of ambassadors and getting them to help tell your story – by submitting photos, ideas, feedback or content — is an important task for you.

What about your thoughts? What are some ideas, thoughts and tips that help you keep your messages and content connected?