A Discussion on Trends in B2B Social Media

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by review on the topic of social media for B2B brands. Some of the things I was asked to discuss include many timely topics around managing big data, integrated social media into both the business and communications strategy, and why having a voice online is vital. You can read the full interview here: The Social Side of B2B.

You want watch my discussions here:

Bringing social media into B2B

Social media in B2B marketing: know your goals

The review is an interesting publication and some other recent stories I enjoyed reading include mobile media in India, Christina Allen of LinkedIn talks about how university students are using social media, and smart cities.

In the coming week I’ll also be discussing more about B2B social media and financial services at the following events:

Investor Relations and Social Media: How to Utilize Social Media to Build a Community – September 19 (Social Media Leadership Awards)

Social Media as Market-maker: Does it Improve Corporate Communications or Confuse the Markets – September 20 (CIPR)

Social Media and the Markets: Information Worth Sharing? – September 23 (Social Media Week)

If you have questions or topics for any of these panels you can write them in the comments or reach out to me on LinkedIn and let me know.