10 Topics for My Social Media Marketing Class

10 Topics for My Social Media Marketing Class

I’m doing my third go-around this spring teaching Transformative Social Media Strategies, an executive education courseat the University of St. Thomas Opus School of Business. This time I’ll be joined by Roman Gaponenko (@romanholiday), a colleague of mine with a particular passion for measuring all this social media work. The fun starts May 2 and runs Wednesday evenings for four weeks in downtown Minneapolis. We work hard to give B2B and B2C both their due.

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Here are just 10 of the observations that I hope to talk more about over the course of the class:

  1. For all the activity everyone’s undertaking in social media, so much of it is not especially strategic.
  2. When marketing people own social media – which is common – they are often unprepared for the next United Breaks Guitars.
  3. It’s rare to have the persona of the company align well with the persona of their social communications – and super cool when it does.
  4. Let’s not confuse being an influencer with being popular.
  5. A community manager for a consumer lifestyle brand brings a very different skill set than a community manager for a group of golf course superintendents. But both are skilled positions.
  6. Social is becoming VERY global.
  7. Social media requires organizational alignment and executive sponsorship to scale and have real impact.
  8. Opportunities for marketers to bring the “real world” and social world together are immense!
  9. There’s a fine line between viral and not.
  10. Watch out for the impact of Big Data on social media marketing.

We’re going to have fun.