Five Years of B2B Voices

Five years ago we launched this blog. We’ve had some great discussions along with way with people like Ann Handley, MarketingProfsMark Ragan of Ragan Communications; and, Michael Pranikoff, PR Newswire. We’ve looked at topics such as SXSW, social networks, real-time B2B, strategy, reviewed books, content, content curation and blogging.

Some of my personal favorite posts have been about reading, inspirationan economist and motivation.

Best of all, there have been many new relationships forged and discussions about B2B topics online and in person with so many people. Thank you for reading and sharing the many topics we’ve discussed and we’ll continue to look at unique and interesting items to share.

Our top five posts from five years:

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What’s your “I” in social media?

Can accounting firms really be social?

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Why LinkedIn’s company pages now matter more