Finally, a comprehensive B2B social media study

I like studies and research. Maybe it’s the inner economist in me who likes to constantly explore behaviors. Maybe it’s because I like to read various points of view. Or maybe it’s just because I’m always curious and trying to learn.

One thing I continue to notice is the lack of B2B research available on social media. That’s why it’s refreshing to read this study from entitled 2009 B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study. Written by Ben Hanna of R.H. Donnelley Interactive , It’s a very comprehensive look at social media from 3,000 North American professionals who are using (or not using) social media and why. You can download your copy here after you register.

The study isn’t breaking news (it was released in November 2009), but it clearly focuses on what I want to know. In fact, here’s a listing directly from the report as to what you will learn:

  • To what social media sites do business people turn when seeking the information they need to do their jobs on a day-to-day basis? And what are they looking for?
  • What do people consider to be the most useful social media resources for business information (and, therefore, the most valuable social media sites on which B2B companies should participate in order to reach their target audience)?
  • What are the most popular types of social media initiatives among B2B companies, and is the impact of these initiatives visible in business results?
  • How do B2B companies judge social media success?

[Source:’s 2009 B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study (

I won’t give away any surprises, but all of us at B2B Voices would be happy to discuss in the comments section your thoughts. In the meantime, you can follow on Twitter and read their blog here.

Business.coms 2009 B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study's 2009 B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study