Where Does Facebook Fit in Your B2B Communications Plan?

It’s been a media frenzy for Facebook surrounding it’s recent IPO and reaching one billion users around the world. Some now believe that Facebook’s target is on professional users, which is a good thing for B2B communicators.

Facebook has done quite a bit to make its branded pages more useful for B2B companies. FacebookIn particular, the recent changes to add promoted posts and global pages are not just tools that B2C companies can leverage. But can it compete in the B2B space with LinkedIn? And what about new entrants like Pinterest and Google+?

I recently had a chance to answer several questions from Arik Hanson about Facebook and how we leverage the platform. You can read the full interview here: Social media case study: CME Group


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One thought on “Where Does Facebook Fit in Your B2B Communications Plan?”

  1. Because of Facebook’s popularity, it’s worth it for every business to have a presence there.  You just need to understand that Facebook is a busy place.  There’s lots of distraction and a brand message can easily get buried.  That’s why it’s important to leverage other social networks too.  

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