Blogging isn’t Supposed to be Easy

Just over three years ago Arik Hanson had this crazy idea to start a B2B communications blog and asked me to contribute (this is now my 82nd post). I agreed, but didn’t realize at the time how much hard work it takes to blog, but that’s the point; it’s supposed to be challenging. My first post wasn’t exactly rocket science about the profession (So you want to be a B2B communicator?), but I’ve gotten better at it over the years. Since Arik’s proposal to me I have also started a personal blog and now contribute content and ideas to our company blog.

What motivates you to blog?
What motivates you to blog?

If you are still thinking about blogging professionally one of the best posts I’ve ever read about the topic is from Josh Brown, who answered the questioned, “How do you have so much time to blog?” The answer is easy — we don’t. Like Josh, it’s become an important habit that I enjoy. In addition, this post from Boing Boing this week on how to blog is a must read for both the novice and expert. In addition, many thanks to Francine McKenna who was a great mentor at getting me started on this blog and offered many valuable tips. From my experience with B2B Voices, I’ve become a better writer and more importantly a better thinker.

From all of us who contribute to this blog, thank you for reading, thank you for commenting and if you have been thinking about blogging for your B2B company, your clients or yourself, I hope this post was helpful.

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4 thoughts on “Blogging isn’t Supposed to be Easy”

  1. Many business and website owners underestimate how challenging blogging can be.  If you want a blog to be successful, it needs to be updated on a regular basis with quality content that target audience members would want to read.  So many business blogs fail because the owner doesn’t dedicate enough time to it.  

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