Still Pitching to Use Social Media? Here are Three Steps to Take

Social media in B2B continues to rise in use. In fact, research from BtoB magazine shows that more than 90 percent of B2B companies are now using some form of social media to communicate with stakeholders. Before you present that B2B social media plan to executives or a client, the best thing to do is prepare. Here are three ways to ensure your pitch is a success:

  • Benchmark: Do your research first and look at not only what your competition is doing, but look at other companies in the B2B space that you emulate. Ask yourself what you like and what you would improve for them.
  • Be the Brand. I’ve always said that social media is not a silver bullet. While the tools are great they are not going to fix or anything alone. In the early days of social networking this could have been the case (e.g. @ComcastCares), but today you need to think about your entire brand story and how social media will fit into it. You will want to demonstrate that social media is not a silo taking resources away from other initiatives, but show how it complements, improves and is a part of what the company is already doing.
  • Back up your pitch. Executives are interested in facts and proof points. You should prepare yourself for an in-depth discussion not just about social media and what you want to do, but know who you are targeting, how they already use social media, and what business objective (not communication objective) you are working toward. Also, enlist the support of others in the organization — legal, research, products and IT. Showing that you have support from other parts of the company will help bolster your plan.

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5 thoughts on “Still Pitching to Use Social Media? Here are Three Steps to Take”

  1. Thanks Tac and you make a great point. Every company has a different culture and different perspective of how they communicate — social is one of those channels to consider, but as you know the adoption rate of the tools has been overwhelming.

  2. I wonder if any “technology” has ever had as fast adoption or affect on business as social media. I can’t think of anything that’s moved this quickly in businesses. Maybe the current wave of smart phones, if you separate it from the first generation of “pocket pc’s”

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