Content Curation: What Does it Take To Be Successful?

WebProNews had a little Q&A with Kate, the Executive Director of Digital and Social Media at Syracuse University and Chair of Other Side Group about content curation on the web. Sh’ll be giving a talk on this subject at BlogWorld LA this Thursday, but WPN decided to pick her brain ahead of the talk, as this subject is one that only continues to become more important to the web as consumers are bombarded with endless information from so many different web channels.

You can catch the full interview here. Some of the questions covered:

  1. What does it take to be successful in content curation?
  2. What are the best tools available right now for content curation and why?
  3. Who is doing content curation right now?
  4. Who is doing it wrong?
  5. What are the boundaries of fair use?
  6. Do consumers care if they’re obtaining information from the original source?

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