Julio Ojeda-Zapata Talks Tech at MN Blogger Conference

I actually caught two sessions from Julio Ojeda-Zapata today, who is a pretty well-known techie here in the Twin Cities as a reporter and columnist for the St. Paul Pioneer Press and an author (fellow attendee recommends iPad Means Business). First one was on Posterous and the second on mobile blogging in general.

Posterous is great for making seamless blogging of lots of different content formats as easy as possible. Worth noting today that there are some notable restrictions on commercial use of it, like no ads allowed, however. (sounds like Tumblr doesn’t have these rules) interestingly, Julio notes that Guy Kawasaki, who is a Posterous investor, uses some sort of form of Posterous for his Holy Kaw! site, which does do advertising and some other things Posterous doesn’t do. I’d say it will get more commercial friendly so they can make some money.

He also reviewed tons of mobile blogging and related apps for us (iPad and iPhone only). A few from, as he says, “completely crap to awesome,” (admitted overstatement for effect):

* Blogger: Not optimized for iPad. Very basic blogging, there isn’t a lot of flexibility, very dumbed down.
* Tumblr: not optimized for iPad. Quick posts work just fine. Dashboard well done for handling different format types. Easy but limited.
* Tumbleroo: Watched it just crash. iPad optimized. Can send to twitter. Because it’s for tumblr, you can schedule posts. Crashed again. Hmm.
* WordPress: Hugely popular blog platform and the one we use here. App is optimized for iPad. Blog management features. Oops, just crashed. Still limited flexibility for basic posts.
* Blogger+ starts to get more interesting. Ugly interface, a little more flexibility. Can publish to multiple platforms. Weird thing is just that you have to create separate containers for text, for images, etc. But overall a richer experience.
* Blogbooster is not optimized for iPad but awesome for iPhone. Clearly gives title and description for photos, can use a slider to set image size. Supports many different blogging platforms.
* Blogpress supports many platforms, and is optimized for iPad. Button to assign location is nice. Automatically adds this line: “Posted using blogpress from my iPad,” so need to delete that. When you click and hold on an image it opens up a bunch of options for formatting. For instance, You can wrap text around phot, which you can’t on a lot of mobile apps. Can assign a URL to the photo. Also asks if you want to notify your Facebook friends.
* Blogsy Is a favorite, supporting WordPress, Blogger, and Posterous. Buttons on the right let you pull in images from flickr, favorites, image sites. You can drag the image into the post and then move it where in the post you want it. Pull in videos. You can search for assets from within the app. Only weird thing is you can’t type on rich text side, have to go to the HTML side.
* Posterous app: Remarkably flexible in redirecting your content, very easy to post images. Can repost to other blog platforms. Seamless effortless, frictionless blogging.

Squarespace got the nod for the ultimate iPad blogging app. Close to a laptop replacement. Very nice look at your blog stats. You can Go as far as you can to use your mobile device as a creation device, not just a consumption device. Note the iPhone app is distinctively different.


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  1. Nice of you to liveblog my session. I see you took some pictures of me. Any chance I can get the full-res versions of those images? Thanks!!

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