Relaunching an Online Newsroom

In 2006 I took a leap of faith and decided it was time to outsource a key part of our website — the media room. At that time PR Newswire was partnering with The Fuel Team and provided an outsourced solution. When we launched the new media room later that year we had a more dynamic landing page for journalists, analysts, educators and customers who were interested in reading news from the company.

Part of that redesign allowed us to immediately add social media functionality, video content, integration between the newswire and our site, and the company’s first RSS feed. The site has evolved over time but for the most part has retained the same look over the years.

Fast forward to this week. Our media room receives hundreds of visits every day, so making this site relevant, easy to navigate, and more useful to our broad range of stakeholders remained an important objective of the team when we decided last fall to relaunch it. As part of the relaunch, one of the very first things we did was a tremendous amount of research benchmarking our media room content and design not only against our competition, but also against some of the world’s leading brands such as Toyota and Cisco.

After our benchmarking phase, our objective was to keep things comprehensive, yet simple to navigate. In addition, we heard requests from a variety of journalists on how we could improve our content to provide more timely and key additional resources. We continue to use PR Newswire and outsource these pages and last week after many revisions and tests with our internal website team we hit the “refresh” button.

Here are some of the key highlights of our new page at CME Group:

Get the News You Want

Receiving news from CME Group becomes easier as stakeholders can now choose which content you want delivered to you via email – corporate, commodity products, financial products, OTC/clearing — or via an RSS feed.

Banner Updates

When you come to the page online you will immediately notice four large banners at the top. These banners will be updated regularly and point to some of the key news, issues and trends that we feel are important and timely.

Featured Videos

On the right-hand side of the page the latest video content will be posted. These are updated as we add new content and showcase commentary from our management and product teams. We have also made it easier to share this video content through a number options controlled by the user.

Single-page Content

We have made the content expand horizontally rather than vertically, which means users no longer have to scroll down the page for what they need. We did this by placing the tabs across the screen for news, speeches, research and other resources.

Integration with Open Markets and Social Media

When we launched our blog Open Markets in March 2010 we were excited to have a new resource for journalists to gain insight on our thoughts. Open Markets is now linked to our Media Room via our “Keep up to Date” tab in the right-hand corner, which also includes links to other social media platforms we use. We’ve worked hard over the years to build our presence in social media as a financial services firm so it was a nice surprise to view our home page this week showing how “right” the decision was to use these resources.

Like all things online our media room will continue to evolve. This current phase has helped us utilize many of our internal resources to build a better and more integrated site for our many stakeholders. Since we just went through this process what questions do you have? Post them in the comments.

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