The Beat Goes On at StockTwits

I’ve written before on the various merits of StockTwits for B2B communicators and how it can be used as a listening tool for investor relations and communication teams. Who wouldn’t want real-time insight into their company from the people who invest and buy your products? Well, the company continues to gain momentum. As reported this week by IR Web Report, TechCrunch and Business Insider, the company has hired David Putnam, a senior product director from Yahoo! Finance. I’m excited for Putnam’s addition to the team and the energy he is going to bring. I’m also thrilled at the opportunity to work with him.

We remain a dedicated partner of StockTwits and here’s why I continue to endorse what they are doing:

  • Their official investor relations accounts give companies a dashboard look at what is being discussed. In addition, the official badge verifies a company to external people, making it a credible source of news and information, and provides internal teams metrics from the discussions. Here is a white paper from StockTwits on the investor relations account. StockTwits also is a great platform to help executive communicators showcase the value of social media to finance executives.
  • The company continues to develop new and innovative ideas. As a partner who is excited about working with StockTwits, it’s sometimes difficult for me to keep up with the passion and innovation produced by the company. Working with a company like this energizes our team to continue to think of new ways to reach our customers.
  • Take a closer look at the CNN Money pages. If you haven’t noticed yet StockTwits is providing a real-time stream from their site on the stock symbol pages. By the way, they’re on Yahoo! Finance too. And MarketWatch as well. Those are three very credible news sources all tapping into the StockTwits network.
  • There is a tremendous focus on community — taking out the features that made most message boards of the past useless and making sure value is added to the network. The team that works at StockTwits believe in what they’ve built and it shows in the quality and quantity of the content.
If you still haven’t looked at StockTwits as part of your company’s or your client’s social media planning¬† it’s probably time you rethink that strategy.

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