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What makes the business of business-to-business (B2B) communication so special that we have banded together to create an entire blog on the topic? Is there really a difference between B2B and B2C communication? What can we learn from B2B communications and communicators?
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Communicating to a business versus a consumer does create different and unique challenges; however, at the end of the day many of the same principles, theories and tactics remain at the foundation. In fact, the great myth surrounding B2B communication is that it’s about communicating to the business. On the contrary, in the B2B world relationships are critical, and communicating to individuals becomes critical.

So here is a sample of what you will find as we begin our venture into the blogosphere with you.

Case Studies: We learn from others. We learn from benchmarking. We learn from having great conversations. Part of what we hope to accomplish is to talk with professionals on both the consulting side of the B2B space as well as the communicators inside great B2B companies. We hope these conversations give you new ideas and help you build new relationships.

Connecting: This blog will be used as a platform to help connect professionals doing B2B communication. While we may be doing the heavy lifting on topics for this blog, we hope to be able to connect others in the B2B community in order to network.

Strategies and Tactics: Weighing in on the old and new will be a part of what we discuss.”nike air max pas cher” We will of course look for your feedback, but challenging old assumptions and exploring new ideas is something we all will explore.

We hope you enjoy reading this blog and more so we hope you add your thoughts.
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And we’re off…

4 thoughts on “Welcome to the B2B Voices blog”

  1. Congratulations, guys and gals!. I think B2B communications is really underrepresented in the conversation right now and I look forward to your insights, especially with regards to how B2B companies can leverage social media and emerging technologies to reach out to customers – there is defintely a dearth of good case studies here. I look forward to reading.


  2. In your blogroll, you should give b2bm.biz/blog some love b/c they twitter content from all the b2b blogs. With thousands of followers interested in the industry.


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